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VIDEO: Sick Jolie Fortuna ‘raped 13 year old girl’

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Jolie Fortuna

Rape fantasist Jolie Fortuna, also known as Jolie P, 21, of Harlesden Road, Brent, NW10 3SD and leader of ‘female empowerment’ group SexyLadyMassive, has been accused of false imprisonment, sexual assault, and the facilitation of the rape of a 13 year old girl.

The testimony comes as sick Jolie Fortuna has been placed on the False Allegations Database for falsely accusing a man she had never met of being a convicted sex offender in a viral social media post, as the victim-survivor’s mother says she “took away her home”. The alleged serial sexual predator has also been accused of several crimes such as murder and providing drugs and alcohol to minors in connection with her ‘female-empowerment’ group SexyLadyMassive.

It is also available on YouTube.

The courageous minor speaking under the anonymizing alias ‘Sarah’, who cannot be named for legal reasons and was barely a teenager when this allegedly occurred, describes a brutal sexual assault where predatory Jolie stalked her at her secondary school before threatening her life in order to force her to enter a vehicle occupied by a man she had never met before.

Jolie and her accomplice drove the vulnerable child to an undisclosed location where the sick duo ‘took turns raping and sexually assaulting her for hours’, while they laughed and joked about the whole traumatizing ordeal. Evil Fortuna and her partner placed a paper bag over the child’s head to humiliate her, causing her to freeze in fear. She identifies Jolie as her main attacker, saying she “appeared to enjoy it the most”.

Jolie Fortuna
Jolie Fortuna has gone viral on social media in 2023 due to public outrage over her previous actions (Image: OC)

The child, who has had to wear braces since her ordeal, says she has attempted suicide several times, and that for a long time did not think her life was worth living.

Feminist Fortuna, who also uses the aliases Jolie P and Missy P, has previously been accused of sexually assaulting a 14 year old boy in similar circumstances. The child alleged that Fortuna stalked him outside his school gates before demanding he pay her for sexual activity. When he refused she allegedly forced him into a park where she then engaged in a horrific sexual assault.

The alleged serial sex offender, with her rave group SexyLadyMassive, is in charge of teenage girls and boys at night-time, and the incredibly brave child says she was motivated to tell her heart-wrenching story due to the likelihood there are other victims.

Under the stage name Missy P, Fortuna was hired to perform on the 23rd November 2023 for ‘rave collective’ Drum and Babes, who held a music event with the intention of raising funds for Sistah Space, a specialist charity advocating for support for ethnic minority women and girls who have survived domestic and sexual abuse. It is thus far unclear their understanding of the extent of the allegations Fortuna faces.

Missy P performs for Sistah Space
Missy P performed to raise money to support sexual assault survivors, despite the allegations she faces (Image: OC)

We have previously reached out to Fortuna, and she has never confirmed nor denied any of the allegations put to her and instead refuses to provide a statement.

We have reached out to several organisations who have safeguarding duties in connection with this story, and it is likely there will be updates in this matter.

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