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Uber Eats customer wielded machete over ‘late food delivery’

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Cavner Kelsall

An enraged Uber Eats customer brandished a rambo-esque machete at a delivery driver out of fear that their meal would become cold.

A judge informed Cavner Kelsall, aged 20, that he was fortunate he hadn’t caused the death of his victim when he hit him on the head with a lethal object during a frightening confrontation outside his apartment in Shipley in december of last year.

At Bradford Crown Court on Friday, it was heard that the victim, who had been working with his brother that night, was left with a noticeable scar on his head and had decided to stop doing delivery work due to feeling unsafe. Kelsall, of Kirkgate, Shipley, admitted to committing grievous bodily harm with intent and being in possession of an offensive weapon.

Prosecutor Philip Adams stated that the food order had been delayed, causing Kelsall to send a message to the delivery man due to his annoyance and worry that his takeaway would not be warm when it arrived. Once the delivery appeared, Kelsall started debating about the wait and ultimately the takeaway ended up on the floor.

At the court, it was revealed that when the victim asked Kelsall to ease up, the latter removed a huge machete from his belt and hit the victim with considerable force on the head. Mr Adams reported that the complainant was terrified for his safety, but his brother drove their car into Kelsall, pushing him to the ground.

Kelsall returned to his apartment and the police were notified when the brothers left. although Kelsall was taken into custody, no trace of the Rambo-style weapon was found when the case was brought to court.

The injured person sustained a 3 cm laceration to his scalp which was tended to at Bradford Royal Infirmary. The court was told that Kelsall had previously been a victim of physical assaults and his fear of being targeted again could have led him to believe that the delivery person had some connection to the individuals who had attacked him.

Recorder Hawks reported that Kelsall had requested a take-out meal but was annoyed when it took longer than expected to arrive.

“So you got into a confrontation with a man who was doing no more than carrying out a public service by delivering food to your door,” he told Kelsall.

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