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SexyLadyMassive: A hotbed of criminality

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SexyLadyMassive, formerly known as SocialNusense, is led by Jolie Fortuna, of 195 Harlesden Road, NW10 3SD. As part of our Transparency Project we spoke to several people in the industry in an investigation to explore allegations of child sexual assault, the provision of dangerous drugs and alcohol to minors, motiveless defamation, and the murder of Jason Nyarko.

10 people came forward to substantiate serious allegations of criminal activity against men and women. We attempted to speak to SexyLadyMassive’s leader in an effort to allow her to challenge the allegations she has faced over the last few years, and she provided one dismissive response, and efforts to put the 10 to her for a direct comment resulted in an allegation of harassment if we persisted further.

Hailey, of Transparency, had the following to say: “We believe the repercussions she has faced thus far do not reflect the severity of her actions. She should have a Criminal Behavior Order that prohibits her from engaging in any form of event work in the industry due to the significant risk she poses to young people.

“We believe the criminal justice system has failed the people victimised by her actions.”

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