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Sex offender Joseph Mbogo ‘demanded sex from minor and her sister’

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Joseph Mbogo or Joseph Mukisa

Joseph Mbogo, also known as Joseph Mukisa, of 31B Winchester Street, SW1V 4NZ, was sentenced on 13th December 2021 at Inner London Crown Court, Holborn, for sexual communication with a child and causing or inciting a child to engage in non-penetrative sexual activity.

Joseph Mbogo, formerly known as Joseph Mukisa, was found guilty of two distinct sexual offenses. One of these offenses was exposed by a sting operation, in which Mbogo sent a private message to a profile he assumed was that of a young child on the internet. This profile was actually managed by a group dedicated to protecting children.

Several of the first few messages he sent to the minor, included “are you ready for my penis to slide inside you”. He also said he “cannot wait for [her] to come off [her] period”. He ordered that she “touch herself because she will like that”.

Joseph Mbogo was made aware multiple times that the person he was communicating with was a minor, but he kept on contacting them, sending photographs of his genitalia and insisting that the minor do the same. He reprimanded the minor for their faith in Christianity and attempted to persuade them that religion is a “natural sin”.

He tried to convince the victim to bring her 11 year old sister with her so that he could have sexual relations with both of them.

When officers of the online safety unit took met him at the place where he thought he was going to meet the minor and her sibling, Mbogo, (or Mukisa) admitted that he had only been apprehended for his other offence related to child exploitation a few days earlier and had been released on bail.

When the police showed up, Mukisa became very worried and seemed to pass out.

We’ve previously covered how Joseph Mukisa, also known as Joseph Mbogo, made headlines for ‘threatening inmates with black magic’ at HMP Brixton.

Mukisa has been issued a 10 year sexual harm prevention order and must remain on the sex offenders register for an indefinite period of time.

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