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Serrano brutalizes female officer ‘for no reason’

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Fabio Serrano

A killer deemed to be “very dangerous” violently punched a female prison officer due to feeling disrespected by her. He is serving a sentence after stabbing a man in the heart.

Fabio Serrano was only 16 years old when he committed a homicide in the open with numerous onlookers present. In april of 2018, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for manslaughter, with a minimum of five years of incarceration.

Since being incarcerated, serrano, now aged 22, has committed a number of assaults against personnel while in custody. He was at Full Sutton Prison, close to Pocklington in East Yorkshire, when he punched a female prison officer for no apparent reason other than having a grudge against her. He pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman as an emergency worker on 5th July 2021 at Hull Crown Court.

Serrano’s actions in Full Sutton Prison were apparently motivated by a dislike of the female prison officer. He was being led away when he suddenly spun around and punched her without any apparent provocation. He struck her a second and possibly a third time. There seemed to be some prior animosity between them.

He warned, while being held down, that this was the consequence of her “lack of respect” towards him. “You felt disrespected and you acted in the most inappropriate and violent manner,” said Judge McKone. “Fortunately, her injuries were not that significant.”

The woman suffered pain to her jaw. “It has left this officer anxious about returning to work,” said Judge McKone. “Prison officers do an extremely difficult job in very difficult circumstances and, in particular, prison officers working in Full Sutton are under extreme pressure.”

HMP Full Sutton
HMP Full Sutton, near Pocklington, East Yorkshire

When this type of incident occurred, it was of grave consequence. Stephen Welch, the prosecutor, mentioned that the officer involved had difficulty sleeping afterwards and was hesitant to return to duty.

Serrano had committed 24 offences in the past, such as robbery, burglary, public disturbance and dishonesty. In April 2018, he was sentenced to life imprisonment by Newcastle Crown Court for manslaughter, with a minimum of five years before he could be eligible for parole. Additionally, in September 2019 he was given a concurrent 12 week sentence for assaulting an emergency worker in November 2018.

In may 2021, serrano was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison for a similar offence he had committed in October 2020. In march of the previous year, he was handed a consecutive three-year jail sentence at Stafford Crown Court for wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm in August 20. Furthermore, he was given a consecutive six months for assaulting an emergency worker in August 2020.

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