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Man was ‘tortured, raped, and killed in Rotherham cellar’

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Adam Clapham

Adam Clapham endured more than 200 wounds as he experienced “torment” in the storm cellar of a Rotherham home, a court heard.

The corpse of the 31-year-old was discovered in a sleeping bag at 41 Spring Street on September 19 of last year. Muhammed Ashraf, 18, from Fraser Road, Arbab Yusuf, 24, from Lord Street, Kieron Millar, 30, from Mounth Pleasant Road, Robert Crookes, 31, Lynette Myers, 39, from Hounsfield Crescent, and a 17-year-old male, who can’t be named due to legal reasons, are all accused of his murder and are being tried at Sheffield Crown Court.

They are also accused of the false imprisonment, grievous bodily harm with intent and rape of Mr Clapham and another man.

Martin Shaw, 44, of Norfolk Street, is accused of assisting offenders. They all deny all of the charges.

At the start of the trial on Thursday, Mark McKone KC informed the jury that Mr Clapham and his companion had been “subjected to torture” due to an outstanding £300. He went on to say that the two men were held captive in the drug dealing house, beaten and forced to perform sexual acts on one another.

Mr McKone said: “The prosecution say that the motive for the violence is linked to drug dealing and class A drug dealing – heroin and cocaine…

“Addicts visited that address to buy those drugs. The two victims were blamed for £300 of drug money going missing from that address. The prosecution say that Adam [and the other man] were punished because the drug dealers believed they had stolen the money. It was also important for the drug dealers to send out a message that they should not be crossed.”

The court was told that the autopsy revealed Mr Clapham had 214 wounds, with 52 of them on his head and the remaining 162 on the rest of his body. According to Mr McKone, most of the injuries were inflicted by blunt force, such as punches, kicks, and stamps. It was also noted that a rag was discovered around Mr Clapham’s hand.

It was reported that weapons were used in the assault on Mr Clapham, with some of the wounds on his legs linked to an hammer and other damage inflicted by a sharp object like a knife or glass.

The prosecutor said there was also evidence of burns, scalding and “an irritant substance had been put on the skin.” He said: “He had suffered an injuries to the brain caused by force. There was bleeding and bruising on the skull and the brain and the brain was swollen. The injury was sufficient in itself to cause death and it was likely to have been caused by injuries to the head.”

Mr Clapham’s passing was attributed to a traumatic injury to the head. The court heard a neuropathologist state that he might have stayed alive for thirty minutes after getting hurt, but it was improbable he could have made it further than two hours.

The trial continues.

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