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Man given life sentence for ‘filming himself sexually abusing young girls’

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Jonathon Warren

A judge imposed a life sentence on a dangerous Keighley sex offender after discovering that he sexually abused children.

Judge Andrew Hatton ruled that 33-year-old Jonathon Warren must serve a minimum of six years and eight months and will be on license for the remainder of his life after being granted parole by the Parole Board.

The Bradford Crown Court heard on Friday that Warren was imprisoned for eight years in 2005 for previous sexual offences, including the rape of a child, when he was an adolescent. Warren, who was subject to a lifetime sexual offences prevention order, pleaded guilty to a succession of sexual abuse offences involving two young females who cannot be identified for legal reasons in November of last year.

In October of last year, he was arrested after police received information that he was involved in the distribution of pornographic images. Officers confiscated Warren’s devices and discovered 2,086 child pornographic images. There were images and recordings of him performing sexual acts on the two complainants, who were ages nine and twelve at the time.

Warren admitted to sexually abusing two girls and possessing and distributing sexually explicit images and recordings. He also confessed to assaulting an emergency responder. According to his legal representative Abdul Shakoor, Warren acknowledged that his offence was “heinous”

Putting him away for life Judge Hatton was convinced that Warren presented a substantial risk of causing serious harm. He told Warren, who appeared in court from HMP Leeds via video link: “I am also sure that that is a risk that is likely to carry on long into the future and I am satisfied that your offending is so serious that a sentence of life imprisonment is required and that’s the sentence that I impose.”

The judge also made Warren subject to a new lifelong sexual harm prevention order. Detective Constable Adam Flaxington said: “I am particularly pleased that the judge has today recognised the abhorrent offending of Warren against two vulnerable girls. This sends a clear message to offenders committing these sorts of offences and I am delighted that his victims will now have justice.

“The lengths that Warren went to try and avoid detection and arrest signifies he knew he was looking at a significant sentence when caught. I would also like to thank the Digital Forensic Unit and all their work on the case. Our close work with them has again brought a positive result.”

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