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Brent’s Kaya Fortuna ‘falsely brandished business CEOs as sex offenders’

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Kaya Fortuna

Brent’s Kaya Fortuna, a ‘wicked’ and ‘immature’ Mathematics teacher currently employed by Donnington Primary School, of 195 Harlesden Road, NW10 3SD, attempted to ruin Dagenham-based businesses by falsely labelling their CEOs as sex offenders.

Kaya, a teacher with experience at both primary and secondary level, made malicious phone calls to several businesses in the Dagenham area and told call handlers that they should not be working where they are employed, because their CEO or a CEO connected to the company – who she would name – is aa sex offender.

The shocking news comes as her daughter, Jolie Fortuna, has faced immense national outrage for similar actions in recent times. The victim-survivor of her daughter’s actions has started a petition to encourage legislative change in the United Kingdom, and his mother describes having ‘her home taken away from her’ and ‘her self-esteem’ ruined.

This story is exclusive to Evening Wiki, and you can read it here: https://theeveningwiki.com/kaya-fortuna-called-businesses-falsely-claiming-their-ceo-was-a-sex-offender-despite-never-meeting-them/

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