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Adcock, deemed ‘neighbour from hell’, jailed after rampage

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Julian Adock

After launching a vicious attack that left another man with 11 fractured ribs, two broken fingertips, and fractured vertebrae in his spine, a former real estate agent became a hellish neighbour.

Julian Adcock, a 51-year-old cocaine addict, was kicked and jumped on by an intoxicated Julian Adcock, according to testimony at the Hull Crown Court. He also caused $10,000 in damage to the BMW of the same individual and launched a second attack.

Adcock of Ainthorpe Grove, West Hull, acknowledged to causing grievous bodily injury to his neighbour, as well as assault and two counts of criminal damage.

Prosecutor Julia Baggs stated that the two men lived in the same cul-de-sac in Hessle at the time of the incident; Adcock’s neighbour resided in the apartment directly above his. On October 6, at approximately 8:30 p.m., Adcock asked the individual if he wanted to have a drink at a friend’s residence.

They took a taxi to an east Hull address off Victor Street. Others were imbibing at the residence. Adcock assaulted the victim after he was “herded outside” Miss Baggs stated, “He fell to the ground and was repeatedly kicked, jumped on, and kneeled on by the defendant.” “The defendant was calling him derogatory names and generally being abusive.”

The patient awoke in a hospital. He had 11 rib fractures, multiple fractured vertebrae in his spine, two broken bones in his right hand, a blood hematoma on his cranium, as well as wounds and injuries to his head and body. A photograph of Adcock shirtless and wearing blue denim was provided to the police. He had a wounded snout.

Police discovered him donning a jacket and apparently “under the influence”. He was brought to Hull Royal Infirmary for treatment of facial injuries, including a fractured nose. Adcock reported to the police, “I pinned him down and gave him a good hiding.”

The neighbour saw Adcock for the first time since the assault on October 22. Adcock was yelling at the man from outside the apartment complex.

On November 5, there was another confrontation in which Adcock was abusive to the neighbour, yelled at him, and struck him with an extended palm. He removed his dressing gown and stated, “That was merely a strike. Now I’ll strike you in the jaw and shatter it.”

The neighbour was able to regain access to his flat and called the authorities. Adcock yelled, “I will enter through this door,” and then kicked the door. The door latch was broken as a result of Adcock striking the door.

Miss Baggs continued, “The defendant continued to rant and shout, making allegations and being generally unpleasant,” she said. Adcock took up a flower vase and used it to damage the BMW of a neighbour.He was removing the windscreen wipers and tugging at the wing reflectors.

“He was striking and hurling stones at the car’s hood. The windscreen was shattered, and there were significant and superficial marks on nearly the entire vehicle’s paint.” The estimated cost of the damage was £10,000.

Adcock hurled objects at the window of his neighbour and yelled and threatened him. Adcock was “hostile and resistant” when police arrived, and his behaviour deteriorated on the way to the police station.

Later, the victim reported that he was still in agony, struggled with anxiety, and distrusted everyone. He desired to vacate his property, but he felt “trapped” there due to his ownership stake. The last six months have been absolutely terrible,” he said. Since this severe assault, I have only desired to depart.

In September of last year, Adcock was convicted of drunk driving and issued a caution for possession of narcotics. Stephen Robinson, in mitigation, stated that it was a grievous offence, but that Adcock had no history of violence. During the incident, he suffered the “odd blow” himself.

Adcock, a former real estate agent for 15 years, had previously resided and worked in London, but a failed relationship had forced him to relocate to Hull, where he encountered difficulties. He believed he could control his drug and alcohol use, but he fell into a vicious cycle. Mr. Robinson stated, “He is determined to abstain from illegal drugs.”

Adcock had been previously married for fifteen years and was accompanied by his three sons. Mr. Robinson stated, “There is a much more positive side to this defendant.” “He will not return to that apartment block. His residence is with his parents.”

Adcock was told by Judge Sophie McKone, “You pushed him to the ground and then kicked and stamped on his back.” Regardless of the circumstances that led to the attack, it was an act of gratuitous, unjustified violence.

“He still feels anguish from what you did to him, and he distrusts everyone. This was a persistent and protracted assault. A month later, while you were out on parole for that severe assault on him, you assaulted him again. You struck him with a punch and threatened to shatter his mandible.”

Adcock was given a two-year-and-eight-month prison sentence and a five-year restraining order.

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